Re-upholster your old restaurant banquette seats or make new ones

Restaurant Banquette Seating

If you have old banquette seating that requires re-upholstery, please contact us for a quote. We are able to reupholster banquette seating for all industries including cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, pubs etc. These become worn over time and will generally need a new look or refurbish. Otherwise if you’re looking for something completely new produced, please let us know and we can design something entirely new and unique for your shop.

There are many different types of fabrics for you to choose from. The process is very simple.

  • Choose your material
    • We have a large selection of leathers and fabrics for you to choose from which we purchase from our reputable suppliers, however we generally go with Commercial Grade Vinyl for all retail shops as this is the toughest and longest lasting material for daily use. Our suppliers are also some of the highest standard throughout Australia and you can trust that they will last for years to come. Just to name a few of our suppliers, these include: Warwick Fabrics, ItaliaCuoi, Wortley Group and NSW Leather. If you have a fabric or leather in mind that you have found from the above suppliers, it is best to let us know as we can get these for you at a lower cost than buying retail.
    • Research your own material. Another option is for you to find a material that you would like to use to recover your furniture. You can choose from our suppliers or from any other supplier you may find. Simply let us know and we will send you a quote without adding in the cost of materials.
  • Include as much information as possible
    • With today’s technology, it can be very easy for you to take multiple photos of your banquette seats using your handheld mobile phone. Include as much information as possible via our quote form of your furniture and we will send you an accurate quote within 24 hours.
    • We also offer the reinsertion of new foam and dacron if your seat cushions have become saggy over time, please let us know and we can include it in the quote.
  • Delivery
    • The option is yours for delivery. You can deliver your banquette to us personally or we can come and pick it up by adding a freight charge to your invoice. We will estimate this freight charge before commencement of your project.
    • Our usual turn around time for furniture reupholstery jobs is 3 weeks, so you can be happy to know that your project will be all done in Melbourne by our reupholstering specialists and in short time!
    • We also have an overnight service which allows our clients to have their banquette seating re-upholstered overnight and delivered back in the morning so there is no stoppage in service for their customers.

It is that easy! If you would like to request a quote, please click on the button to the right or contact us via phone or simply visit our factory during business hours at 176 Cowper St, Footscray for more information.

- the boss family -