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Boss Reupholstery

Boss Reupholstery is a family run business and a subsidiary business of Boss Furniture and Mai Sewing. We work closely with these companies to produce some of the highest standard furniture in Australia and we also work with custom sewing jobs as a sewing contractor. With our decades of experience in the furniture industry, you can be sure that our reupholstery services are of the highest standard.

We combine professional sewing machinists with industrial sized sewing machines to produce very strong and long lasting stitching for all of our sewing work and reupholstery work. We have been in the business for more than 10 years in Melbourne and have a large range of clients from many different types of industries.

All our work is completed in our Melbourne based factory at 176 Cowper St, Footscray. You are always more than welcome to pop by and have a chat to us about your reupholstery job.

For more information please contact us and we will be more than happy to question any of your questions.

Boss Furniture & Bedding Pty Ltd.
ABN: 82 268 809 768

we’re also a custom made furniture manufacturer
visit bossfurniture.com.au

- the boss family -