You can use any type of material for your reupholstery job

Boss Materials

For decades we have worked with an assortment of different materials. These have included high end and low grade leathers and fabrics. Most of which are sort from our highly reputable Australia suppliers. These include Warwick Fabrics, Wortley Groupp, ItaliaCuoi and NSW Leather.

These suppliers are some of the most well known in Australia and are of the highest standard. You can be sure that whatever it is that you’re looking for. Our supplies will be able to help you. We can use any type of material for your job whether you wish to save a few dollars you can go for our commercial grade vinyl option or you can use high quality leathers for your job. The choice is truly yours.

Please let us know what you’d like to use for your reupholsterying, or if you’re unsure, we will be able to send you multiple quotes using diferent types of grades of materials. Please try be as specific as possible in your quote!

Below are a list of our suppliers, you will be able to find material Range, Model and Colour from their websites:

we’re also a custom made furniture manufacturer

- the boss family -